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Flexural Modulus of a Test Specimen (3-point bending)

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    Hello everyone,

    I need to work out the flexural modulus (Ef) of a test specimen that is subjected to a 3-point bend test. I know that: Ef = L3m/4bd3. I have:

    Support Span(L)= 0.1m
    width(b)= 0.01m
    depth(d) = 0.01m
    Max normal stress σf= 98.1 MPa
    Strain (εf) = 0.0525
    Max force (applied to the center of the beam) = 656 N
    Max deflection = 0.0089m
    Specimen length = 0.14m

    My question is, how do I work out 'm'? m is defined as "The gradient (i.e., slope) of the initial straight-line portion of the load deflection"

    Thanks in advance.
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