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I am not a computer geek, I don't know what has changed in my system either.
Whenever I scroll down or up the page or folders, the monitor looks like flickering, not smoothly as before, and it moves really slowly.
I tried changing monitor screen size smaller (800x600) or larger (1280x1024), but nothing changes at all. Also, all of the icons in my task bar look ugly since their colors don't fit.
Thanks :biggrin:
Also, the colors of all of the icons in my task bar do not look good because they are, let's say, over-spilled, faded, I mean.
Anyone can help me solve this problem ? Again, thanks a lot.
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It could be worth checking the refresh rate on your monitor.

If you're using Windows, look at the display properties. I think it's under the "Advanced" button. Try changing to a lower refresh rate.

Also, check that you have enough colors - select 16 million or 32 million, not 256.


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If its teh entire monitor flickering, something might be wrong with the refresh rate. If its simply the folder view flickering or just the web page flickering, your vidoe card drivers have either corrupted or have been overwritten. Go into your settings and tell us what it says in settings above the # of colors to show. It should say something like *Your monitor* on *Your video card*. For mine, it says Plug and Play Monitor on NVidia Geforce FX 5950 (im too lazy to find the monitor drivers lol).

Tell us what it says there if you can.

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