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Homework Help: Flight distance

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    Two people live 20 km from eachother. They start cycling towards eachother with a speed of 10 km/h. A fly starts from one of them and flies to the other person and then back to the first person. It has an average speed of 15 km/h. It continues to do this until the two people meet. How far will the fly have flown when the two people finally meet? Apparently this has one very complex solution as well as being a simple grade school/high school problem, but I'm having trouble seeing the simplicity I think...abyone?

    Could it be that the answer is indeed 15 km...? Since it takes the two people 1 hour to come half way and meet up, and the fly would have been flying constantly at 15 km/h for indeed 1 hour, so it has flown a total of 15 km...?
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    I posted a reply in the other thread, in brain teasers.

    I think that the answer is yes, it is 15km since it is moving 15km/h for an hour.
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