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Floatation physics problem

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1. Homework Statement
I have 2 pontoon tubes that are made of aluminum and the size of them are 13 inches wide x 16 inches high and the length is 11 feet long. I am wanting to know if these can float with a weight of 1000 pounds. And what would percent of the tube or how many inches would it be under water. The width between the tubes would be approximently 10 feet.

2. Homework Equations It is unknown to this writer. I would guess that it would have to do with the width, height and length to get the square or cubic feet. I am not a math whiz and don't know equations.

3. The Attempt at a Solution Have checked other floatation sites but not finding much. Can anyone help me in thsi quest. Thankyou mac5877
Re: floatation

Read up on buoyancy
Re: floatation

Thanks Feldoh but I am looking for someone that can give me the answer to the questions.
Re: floatation

Physics Forums frowns upon giving answers to homework problems, instead we try to help people understand why...

If you want to learn how to solve your problem read up on buoyancy. Specifically Archimedes principle

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