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Floating Frog

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    I wonder if you could scale this experiment up with a human it could be fun, mind you im not convinced that the pioneering little frog was alive for very long, if you watch the movie it also seems that only one side of its body works but maybe its just confused or enjoying itself :/

    http://www-hfml.sci.kun.nl/froglev.html [Broken]
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    It would have to be some powerful field! Also the frog didn't die. I saw a special on tv where they showed them put the frog in an later he was hopping on the table. Magnetic fields really aren't too dangerous to humans unless the field strenght was unimaginably high. There have been experiments where a magnetic pulses are used to induce current in parts of the brain but that wasn't a continuous field like the levitating one is. If you could scale it up you could float a person.
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    The frog doesn't experience any problems. And it lives as long as any other frog. NASA does this on a human level all the time.
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    Re: Re: Floating Frog

    Wow you sure! How does it work is it just a scaled up version ?
    I want a go ...
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    Re: Re: Floating Frog

    Where did you hear that ?!
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    No, NASA do not do it on a human level (heard this claim before), levitating the frogs required 'nuff power.
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    Yeah, scaling up a 10+ Tesla electromagnet to the size
    of a human is a bit too much...
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    Re: Re: Floating Frog

    As long as it doesn't come near a box of metalic pins & needles, where upon it instantly becomes a pin cushion!
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