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Floating launch loop

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    im writing a 2d space simulator and in it i want to simulate rockets as well as things like space elevators and spaceguns to allow players to compare how each system works and compare pros and cons. one idea i want to include in that simulator is my own that i want to promote to the new president and NASA eventually and its a floating launch loop where a super balloon structure many kms in size will act as a launch loop for 20 ton payloads above the thickest portions of the atmosphere. do you think this idea is worth exploring as an alternative to my first idea of a floating spacegun? www.roboticsolutions.tech/phase2

    which is part of my 4 phased revive proposal

    or do you think spacxex falcon9 should be cost effective enough for america to do great things such as launch nuclear thermal rockets and payloads into geosynchronous orbit for a affordable space elevator 750tons?
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