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Flow battery

  1. Dec 2, 2005 #1
    Do a google on " flow battery "
    this woman from Austrailia did some recent work with them ,really interesting stuff..
    in Japan they use them to supply Grid Power from a windfarm ..
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  3. Feb 8, 2006 #2
    Good point Willib! what exactly is a flow battery?
    Willib replies : a flow battery is an electrochemical device that uses vandium ions to tranfer charge held in solution to terminals in an ion exchange unit.
    willib tell me more: :smile:
    willib replies :Well a flow battery is a technology used today in japan and canada , to supply power to the grid during peak demand.
    How does it do that? :eek:
    willib replies:They use power collected from a wind farm , and store it for when the demand is high.
    How EXACTLY does it do THAT.????:mad:
    No its true ,a flow battery uses Vandium(5) ions in an ion exchange unit
    You gotta be kidding me!! but that doesnt explain how it works?? :mad: :mad:
    Well , for one thing flow batteries can be stacked in parallel to produce more voltage , and can be charged and discharged simultainously, and at different voltages.
    That sounds too good to be true?:!!)
    No its true , and flow batteries can be used in truck fleets and "refuled " in a less time and less risk than a Hydrogen system.
    I wuv you :!!) :!!) :!!)

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