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Flow meter

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    Hi evryone.
    My name is Lucian, I'm a Computer Engineer.
    I'm working in a project of a company to develop a flow meter using a microcontroller and Infrared sensors.
    I'm stuck in the mechanic fluid part.
    We're trying to develop this product basing in the mechanic model of the attached picture.
    The liquid will enter in the top and pairs of IR leds and Phototransistors and the A/D converter of the microcontroller will read the voltage oscilation caused by the difference of the density of the liquid.
    The liquid will pass with pulsating vacuum.
    The goal of the 3 channels is to segment the liquid and increase the precision of the read.
    I'm having sobre problems with the voltage read and I'm starting to think that this problems are related with fluid mechanics like turbulent flow.
    We're developing this mechanics prototypes using a 3-D Printer.
    My goal is to develop a mechanic prototype that will segment the liquid with no turbulent flow (or less tuebulent possible).

    I don't know much about fluid mechanic, but I studied a little bit about Reynold Number and turbulent flow.

    If someone could help I would be grateful.

    Thanks and sorry for the bad english.

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    The squared off ends of the two segments bounding the center stream are going to cause turbulence (be they upstream or downstream).
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    Hi Bystander, thanks for the answer.
    That's a great hint. Thanks. I'll tell to the Solidwork guy of the company to put a softly format in the end of the channel for testing.
    If you have more advices I'll be very grateful.
    As I said before, I have little or nothing experience with fluid mechanics.

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    Keep us posted. Flow meters are always interesting.
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    I'm posting a picture with the plot of the values of the middle channel and the right channel.


    I don't know if my assumptions are right, but I think that something like that.
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