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Flow of liquids experiment

  1. Aug 18, 2008 #1
    hey guys, this is for ppl who have knowledge about the phyiscs of liquids in motion. im a student in yr 12 (f17 years old-final year of school) ive been researching for lyk the past week, if not more, on the subject of the flow of liquids. the students who do physics as a subject have to make up an experiment.

    for my experiment i basically have a drainage (storm water/PVC) pipe which is 2m in length, i will have that placed vertically, with 1 tube attached to it at a time, and i will be testing the flow rate of water under varying conditions. it has 3 parts.

    the first part i will be testing the flow rate of water at different heights of the pipe (40 cm intervals), one at a time, the diameter and the length of the tube (that is attached to the PVC pipe) will be kept constant.

    my next part is testing the flow rate when the diameter of the tube (that is attached to the PVC pipe) varies.

    the third and final part of my experiment is testing the flow rate using different lengths of tubing.
    ive got all my results and stuff using data studio. so all my experimentation is done, now all i have to do is the practical report. this topic of physics is all new to me, lyk we have never done it in school, we've done a bit of pascal's principle, P=pgh. but yeah thats bout it.

    so i was wondering if any1 could jus guide me through with the eqautions i need to know for my experiment, and equations that i can use, so then i could calculate %Error. cause i tried researching for equations and stuff and all the equations were soo complicated and totally confused me cause i didnt know wat to use. so yeah if u could jus tell me equations that i should use for each specific part. also the theory behind them, which will make me understand better. please know that this topic is very new for me so some of the terminology u will use, i might not understand, i know a few things, lyk laminar flow and viscosity, but yeah, please do use the appropriate terminology, but jus tell me wat it means... i will be very grateful if any1 helps me....please do...thnx for the time u guys have spent reading this. even if its sum basic knowledge,
    lyk wats the difference between turbulent flow and laminer flow?? i hvnt researched that yet, im sure i'll find sum web pages that will help me with that question, but yeah the equations r my top priority at the moment. thnx once again.
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