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Flow of time

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    can we see time as a dimention where we are constantly moving about at the same speed (in our environment) ?

    like earth which is in movement in the 3 space dimentions (or maybe two , depends on the axis ?)

    and that in some areas we move in time at a different rate (but very very very small difference)

    But one of the problems i have found in this idea is that , from what i think u cannot go back in time unless if you have done an infinity of calculations (to make sure that with the change you are going to do in the past, the future will be exactly the same in every detail possible)

    because you can generally move easily in the space dimentions (except if a big object is already at the desired location)
    but not in time dimention

    tell me what you think about this , and if i made a mistake tell me please
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    You can move in the space dimesion freely . But remember space time are interlinked so the position u occupied earlier had a time dimesion too. So the same space coordinate can be occupied but Not the SPACETIME coordinate
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    So your "problem" is that time and space are different from one another? Why is this a problem? No one ever claimed that the 4 dimensions are identical in every way...
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    hum so this would mean there are some cathegories of dimentions ?

    if i am right :
    - space (3 dimentions)
    - time (1 dimention , or are there more ?)
    - truth (6 dimentions ?)
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    Last I heard, that's right. I'm not really that much of an expert, and I was hoping someone else would post. But I know physicists talk about "spatial dimensions" as a separate thing from time, and I know the formulas are different for some things in time and in space. So I think that's right.

    No, there are 349 dimensions of truth.

    Wait, I guess I shouldn't assume that you're joking. I hope so though :wink:
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    Chris Hillman

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    Maybe JPC meant six dementias. :wink:
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    yeah sorry, made a mistake

    but hey out of the 349,
    how many concern energy ?
    how many concern speed ?
    well energy and speed can be linked (cinetic energy) ? right ? , but since i dont know very much about truth dimentions
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    Maybe he meant phase space?

    The phase space for a particle in 3 dimensions is a six-dimensional space.
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    well i dont really know
    i just heard 6 'something' dimentions some time ago
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    Oh. I thought it was a joke.
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    I am going to make a guess that this thread is really going nowhere, and fast.

    JPC: what you're asking requires an extremely advanced knowledge to comprehend. Many of these descriptions are highly mathematical in nature and are not easily visualized, certainly not in the naive picture. Unless you have a specific need to know such a thing, I would suggest you postpone it and try to shore up a bit on other basic, fundamental issues that are more easily within your grasp.

    If someone thinks they have a substantiative post to offer that can be useful to the OP, please PM me. If not, this thread is done.

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