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Flow rate between two Tee-joints

  1. Jan 12, 2016 #1
    does the flow remains constant ... even when length of the two connected tee joints increases ?
    my thing is ... i want to maintain the same pressure and flow in two different tee joints connected to some length.... while doing my experiment practically... (pipe- 10mm dia, legri tee joints,) i got a result in flow tht...
    i have tested with lenghts...
    for 100mm length ... the flow diff is 8
    for 200mm length .. the flow diff is 6
    for 700mm length pipe the flow difference is almost zero... that is ... the flow rate between two tee joints doesnt change when length reaches to 700mm... and after 700mm ... if i keep on increasing the length the flow rate again flow diff changes....

    can u suggest me why it is happening at tht point?
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