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Flow rate - manometer

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    Hi ,

    Does anyone know , how to calculate the flow rate from a manometer ? there is a pipe attatch to the venturi meter, the inside tube of venturi is 32 mm and the outside 62 mm.
    A fan is sucking the air, so flow rate is produced.

    Thank You
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    First off, is this a gas or another fluid which an be modeled as incompressible (e.g.water)?

    If it is a gas you would need the temperature as well to find a mass flow rate. However, if all you needed was a volume flow rate you could get away with just the venturi tube.

    Okay, so the mass flow rate of a fluid is as follows:


    where V is fluid velocity and A is the area of whatever duct you are using and rho you can find in some reference, for an incompressible fluid we can assume that rho is pretty much constant.

    A you can find by measuring and V can be calculated from bernoulli's equation, assuming no major changes in elevation.


    For a gas the density (rho) changes drastically with temperature so one would need to use the ideal gas law to find the correct density which would be a function of pressure and temperature.
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    It is a gas , assuming air is through the pipe, so i need to find the flow rate of the air.
    I need to convert the number that the manometer is giving me to volume flow rate.
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    thanks a lot
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