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Flow Rate

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    guys, how to measure the volumetric flow rate pass thru a plane that varies in area (small variation)
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    Are you inferring that you have some kind of orifice valve or something varying the flow area?
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    something varying he flow area. i would like to measure the flow rate passing thru the condenser and the evaporator of a window-type air conditioner
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    based on what you guys are asking, we have the same kind of issue, we're a network of fish enthusiasts here who are discussing whether or not the calculator found here is accurate or not... if anyone would like to take a look at it and help us out it would be rightly appreciated, especially since I am really, really inept when it comes to math.
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    Hard to tell since they don't state all of the required inputs. I presume that they make some assumptions for you and then just use the requested data to come up with their answer.

    However, a quick hand calculation shows that for a 100-ft length pipe with a Blue Line HD pump (have no idea what the specs are for that pump so I'm using the output flow rate in the calc) shows that you should have about a 13.5 psi pressure drop, not 10.6 psi like they indicated. I'm assuming they are using fresh water with a viscosity of 2.3 cP and a temperature of 60 degrees F, as well as stainless steel pipe. Therefore their answer seems reasonable based on the limited information and assumptions made.

    Hope that helps.

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    wow thanks
    >math idiot<
    least it helps me know if it's accurate ahahah :D
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