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Flow rate

  1. Jul 7, 2008 #1
    A large tank at first has 50 gallons of a solution that is holding 10 lbs. of a chemical. Water is going through at a constant rate, and the mixture is going out at a constant rate. What will be the flow rate if 2 lbs. remains after 20 mins?

    I assume it's a differential eqns. problem.
    I think I should define x(t) as amount of chemical, so dx/dt = - x(t)/50 but I'm not really sure. Can somebody walk me through this?
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    Well the water and chemical is decreasing at a constant rate so i doubt you should use differential equations.

    Here is what i think -

    8lb of chemical in 20 mins = 0.4lb/min
    50 gallons for 10 lb of chemical = 5gal/lb

    gallons/min = 0.4 * 5 = 2 gal/min
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