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Flow Simulation

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    Is anyone willing to test my dragster in SolidWorks or any kind of cfd software? I been looking all over for some kind of CFD to test my dragster but with no luck and I decided to try SolidWorks, which went well until I realized that I my version doesn't have flow simulation. :cry: Can someone please help me, I just want to know how much lift and drag my dragster produces?
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    Anyone, I really need help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You've gotta be kidding me.
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    No one is going to take the time to do a 3D simulation of your dragster. If this is something that you must analyze why don't you hire an engineering firm that will perform these simulations for you for a cost.

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    If you want cheap work, try heading to a local university and funding a senior design project. No one is going to do that task for free, and if they do, well then you're going to get what you pay for.
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    hi i am working in butterfly valve simulation using flunnet software if any one worked on this region we can compare the results
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    mah rababah,

    Make a new thread for your butterfly valve simulation questions. Don't add it to the end of this one. Also, I believe you are using FLUENT software not Flunnet, is that correct?

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    hhhhhhhhhhh thanks but iam trying to solve this proplem but there is limitation in the sources i need some help to evaluate my work can you help me??
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