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Flu season

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    We are in the height of flu season and one site indicated that their flu index is about max. In addition there are various influenzas, there are cold viruses about.

    Simple things to prevent the flu and cold viruses

    If one does contract the flu,

    http://www.cdc.gov/flu/symptoms.htm [Broken]
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    I always end up getting sick. There is always a few people in the train (right next to me) that cough and sneeze like crazy. :yuck:

    At times I feel like beating the crap out of them :biggrin:
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    Maybe a dumb question, but is there a 'season' for the bird flu?

    Is there some date or month after which, if nothing happens, we're all allowed to collectively breathe a sigh of relief (until next year)?
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    It can happen anytime, but it is primarily the mid-fall to mid-spring in the Northern Hemisphere when the human and animal population is indoors, dry conditions facilitate transmission, and people are more stressed.
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    That would explain why I got sick and secondly, why I am not better...damn libido always taking control!:rofl:
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    Wow, it's currently the peak of flu season? I hadn't even noticed it this year. I haven't noticed anyone out sick, other than me, but that was more that I was just exhausted from working too long of hours and too many days a week, so at the first hint of a sniffle last week, I took a sick day, and after a day of resting and napping, I was fine again. Usually I notice all the parents taking time off because it's the kids who are spreading the germs around. I guess it's a mild year, unless for some reason, we're more isolated from it here.
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