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Fluid dynamics question

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    A straight horizontal pipe with a diameter of 1.0 cm and a length of 50 m carries oil with a coefficient of viscosity of 0.12 N · s/m2. At the output of the pipe, the flow rate is 9.0 10-5 m3/s and the pressure is 1.0 atmosphere. Find the gauge pressure at the pipe input

    I used the formula for flow rate: which is

    Q = (pi)r^4(delta Pressure) / 8(coefficient of viscosity)(length)

    I converted the diameter of 1.0 cm to .005 Meters radius, and the rest of the information is given

    9.0 x 10^-5 = pi(6.25 x 10^-10)(Change in pressure) / 8(0.12)(50)

    When i solve for pressure i get 21.7192 atm, and final pressure is 1,

    so initial pressure is 1 + 21.7192 atm, which is 22.7192 ATM which is 2.30145 x 10^6 pascals

    do you guys see anything wrong? thanks
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