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Homework Help: Fluid Dynamics Question

  1. Jun 19, 2007 #1
    Hey guys a few questions.

    Question1) Descrive the forces that make up the NSE(Navier-Stokes Equations). Which forces generate motion and which alter motion.

    I have answered this 1st question, I got:

    pressure gradient force - generates
    coriolis force - alters
    frictional forces: wind stress - generates
    bottom friction - alters

    Are these correct?

    Question2) List the unkown variables in the NSE oceanic appliactions and name the physical principles that give us as many equations as there are unknowns.

    My answer: pressure, velocity components, density, temperature and salinity
    i.e. p, u, v, w, S(density), T, s(salinity)

    How do I go about the next part of this question?

    Cheers guys, and a quick reply would be much appreciated :)
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