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Fluid Flow/Engineering Question

  1. Apr 17, 2008 #1
    Please tell me what the following are given the avail. information so I may check my work:
    -hf (friction head loss)
    -f (resistance factor)
    -re (reynolds number)
    -v (mean velocity)
    -g (acceleration due to gravity [9.81 M/Sec^2])
    -Q (flow rate)
    -A (area)
    -the pump HP (head pressure)

    Given Information:
    Pipe - 10" sch 160 pipe
    Liqiud being used - 2,000 GPM (Jet Fuel A)
    Jet Fuel A Vapor Pressures (lbs. per sq. in.):
    @ 60 degrees F - 2.0
    @ 10 degrees F - .75
    @ 80 degrees F - 3.4

    Also how will I find the NPSHA (Net Positive Suction Head) at:
    @ 60 degrees F (Jet Fuel Vapor Pressure 2.0)
    @ 10 degrees F (Jet Fuel Vapor Pressure .75)
    @ 85 degrees F (Jet Fuel Vapor Pressure 3.4)

    (A rough detail of what were dealing with)
    1,500ft of straight pipe between two tanks. 120ft elevation difference between them. A pump is
    located 50ft from the first tank (where the elevation difference occurs) The rest of the 1,450ft
    of pipe goes straight into the second tank.

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