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Fluid Flow in Porous Medium

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    I'm trying to create a model of the procedure of having a bone marrow biopsy done in order to seek ways of eliminating the pain which one has to endure during this process. I'll need to start with modeling fluid flow in a porous medium but this is something I've never done before and have never seen done. Does anyone know of a decent text which I can pick up which touches base on this specific topic of fluid flow in a porous medium?

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    For starters, check up on Darcy's law.
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    Sorry to hear that you're still having to go through that, pmb. Is the biopsy always done in the same area? The reason that I ask is because I'm wondering why they can't install a permanent access port, such as a cobalt or SS spigot, in the bone to save having to bore holes every time.
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    Adding to arildno's comment - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darcy's_Law


    http://www.fys.uio.no/~eaker/thesis/node4.html [Broken]

    Some background - http://www.jgmaas.com/scores/facts.html

    Most detailed discussions are found in journal articles or textbooks which one must purchase.

    Here is a text - http://www.midlandit.co.uk/particletechnology/ - but I do not know if it is what you want. Excerpt from Chapter 3 - http://www.midlandit.co.uk/particletechnology/fluidflow.pdf

    Here is an article which may be of interest - http://epubs.siam.org/sam-bin/dbq/article/39276 [Broken] (must be purchased, or locate it in a university library)

    Interestingly - the University of Leeds, School of Mechanical Engineering has a position for a Fellow who will develop a series of computational tools for modelling the flow of injectable cements into porous bone structures. http://wwwnotes2.leeds.ac.uk/jobs/unijob.nsf/0/e9825f52248c3bcc8025709a003a8d62?OpenDocument [Broken]

    If your the one having a bone marrow biopsy, sorry to hear that. My brother went through that and chemotherapy - and it was most unpleasant. I think there is need to deliver chemotherapeutical compounds directly to the point of interest rather than poisoning the whole body.
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