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Fluid flow through a cone equation ?

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    I'm in the process of designing a scoop used for automotive purposes. Anybody know some formulas pertaining to pressure, velocity and area dealing with scoops (Funnels, cones, etc)? Thanks for the help! Joe
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    The basic formula is:

    ρ V A = constant

    Where ρ is density, V is velocity of the flow, and A is the cross-sectional area.

    "Fundamentals of Aerodynamics" by John D. Anderson provides a very in-depth look at flows through nozzles, diffusers and wind tunnels in Chapter 10, if you need more information (it's way more than I can easily go through here)

    EDIT: On second thought, I could go through it... I just don't have time until the weekend. If noone else can fill you in before then, I'll write it up. PM me if I forget, please.
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    Hey, my library has a copy of the book reserved for me! Thank you for your help and willingness to do more. Off to communications class, Joe
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