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Homework Help: Fluid mechanics faucet problem

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    a stream of water in steady flow from a kitchen faucet. at the faucet the diameter of the stream is .96cm teh stream fill a 125cm^3 conaienr in 16.3s find teh diamiter if the stream 13cm below he opening if the faucet
    i know that A1V1 = A2V2 = constant so pi *.49^2 *V1= pi r^2 *V2
    how do i get the velocitys from (125cm^3 in 16.3s) to me that is the average v??
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    [tex]\rho A v[/tex]

    is the volume of liquid that passes through a given area per unit time.
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    this is what i do and still dont get the right answer
    solve for v with pAv =125cm^3/16.3s with p= density of water A= area of stream at the faucet so v = v1
    with v1 i solve for v2 with v2^2 = v1+ 2 a (xf- xi)
    having both velocitys i use A1v1=A2v2 and A2=pi * r^2 i to solve for r
    i also change r1 to .0048m delta x to -.13m a=-9.8 when solving for v and vf where am i going wrong??
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