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Homework Help: Fluid mechanics question on forces on a cone in a pressurized tank

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    A plug in the bottom of the pressurized tank is conical in shape. The air pressure is 40kPa and the tank has a specific weight of 27kN/m^3. Determine the magnitude, direction, and line of action of the force exerted on the curved surface of the cone within the take due to the 40kpa pressure and liquid.

    2. I don't know what to do :( :(

    3. Ok so I have worked out the volume of the cone only dipped in solution - this gave me 0.349m^3

    I know that Fc = Fair + W

    I am getting confused with what area I have to find and how i know the area of the tank to work out the force.... This question is driving me crazy could somebody please explain the steps they took so I can understand the logic. I have the solutions it is the logic of the answer that I do not understand.

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