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Fluid Mechanics question

  1. Oct 24, 2010 #1
    Here is the question:

    There is a rectangular container with the following dimensions: Length 2 m, Width 1 m, and Height 1m. This container is filled with water to 2/3 of its volume and there is a cover on the top. The cover has a hole in the center.

    a) Find the maximum acceleration velocity in the horizontal direction before the water would spill out.

    b) Find the hydrostatic forces (ignore the contribution from atmospheric pressure) exerted on each surface.

    2) A U-tube is made of square duct of the size 1 cm X 1 cm. The two arms are separated by 20 cm. The tube arm height is 60 cm. It is filled with an indicator of specific weight as 2.00. The height of the indicator fluid initially was 25 cm measured from the bottom surface of the connecting duct.

    a) If the U-tube is rotating around the center of one tube arm, what is the maximum angular velocity that one can have to prevent the indicator fluid spillage. Make necessary assumptions.

    b) show the pressure variation on the bottom surface of the connecting duct as a function of the angular velocity.

    3. The attempt at a solution

    for (a) I used [itex]tan \theta = \frac {-a_x}{g}[/itex] and basically drew the diagram (can't show it here) I eventually got -ax = 3.24 m/s2 is this right?

    (b) not sure what to do

    And the second question I have no idea.
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