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Fluid mechs question

  1. Oct 20, 2005 #1
    Hi there!
    If anyone out there knows fluid mechs... please help out. Simple question on the stability of a floating body; has to do with the meta-centric height etc.

    I was supposed to find the minimum mass which could be placed on top of a barge without causing it to lose stability; so I just set the equations with metacentric height equal to zero.

    All I need to know is if acquiring a non-real solution is something 'common'? Cause that's what I got. And if it is, then pls let me know what I shud do. If it is not something 'common', then ignore this thread. I probably did something wrong; I'll just look through it again.

    I WOULD post the question and my answer, but its a lot to type. And me not knowing how to use latex... thanks for reading.
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