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Homework Help: Fluid Pressure

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    Can somebody help me out in this problem?
    There is a cylinder of diameter d,it is filled with water.
    Upto what height should water be filled so that the pressure on the side
    walls of the cylinder is equal to the pressure on the bottom?
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    The pressure on the wall is not the same as the pressure on the bottom since it varies from top to bottom. Do you mean the total force acting on the wall due to the pressure?
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    Since the hydrostatic pressure is a linear function of the vertical variable, the mean value of the pressure is the arithmetic mean of the top and bottom values.
    This can be used to estimate the total force on the cylindrical wall.
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    To Tide
    Yes I mean the force due to pressure (sorry)
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    So, When you solve I get the height is d/2.
    Am I right??
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