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Homework Help: Fluid Problems

  1. Feb 1, 2010 #1
    Fluid Problems :(

    1. Water is running out of a faucet, falling straight down, with an initial speed of 0.500 m/s. At what
    distance below the faucet is the radius of the stream reduced to one-half its value at the faucet?

    I tried doing this by using Bernoullis equation and replacing r with 1/2r for the bottom part of the drop. Initially i cancelled the pressures (since they are same all points) and assumed the initial height to be zero therefore giving 1/2v^2= 1/2vdrop^2+gh and got stuck after that

    Any help is much appreciated
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    Re: Fluid Problems :(

    Hi dreamx20, welcome to PF.
    1/2v^2= 1/2vdrop^2+gh
    The above equation is correct.
    At every point of flow, the rate liquid flow is constant.
    So A1v1 = A2v2 = Q
    Substitute the values of v1 and v2 and solve for h.
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