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Fluid-Structure Interaction in COMSOL

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    We have created a model that is very similar to the "Peristalic Pump" multiphysics model. However, our structure is more complex with a mound located on the interior of the wall projecting into the fluid. We are following the steps in the tutorial; however we received and inverted mesh element near the origin (the central line of flow located near the middle of the mound). We have been able to acurately define the wall deformation in the axisymetric structural-strain module. It is the ALE module that is giving us the error. Also, if we go against the model and attach the fluid application to the reference frame along with the structure we are able to receive a partial solution. The post-processing will not allow us to view any velocity fields or fluid related quantities; however we are able to generate these quantities in the domain plot parameters mode. We know that these solutions cannot be accurate. Does anyone have any advice for us?
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