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Fluids and pressures

  1. Nov 1, 2005 #1
    Mercury is poured into a u-tube. The left arm has cross sectional area A1 = 10 cm^2, the right has area A2, 5cm^2.
    100 g of water are then poured into the right arm.
    determine the length of the water in the right arm and given the density of Hg = 13.6 g/cm^3, what distance h, does the mercury rise in the left arm.

    i have a diagram here and have calculated the length of the water in the right arm to be 0.2 m. i dont know now how to go about calculating the height that the mercury rises though. any help?
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    Remember the total volume of mercury has not changed, therefore the volume displaced on the right must be the same volume that rose a distance h.
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    At the bottom of the water column, it touches the mercury.
    On the other side of the U-tube "balance", at that height,
    there's an equal *Pressure* caused by mercury above it.
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    ok so i know at that depth on the right side the pressure = external pressure + densityofwater*g*0.2
    so i equate this and get [tex]\rho_{Hg}gh=\rho_{water}g(0.2)[/tex]
    but the h here is not the h i require, it is height i require plus some other height...
    where that other height is the length displaced on the right i think??
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    If you would replace the water height
    with half of the new excess mercury height,
    the two sides would be the same height.
    just like they started.
    (see cyclovenom's post, above)
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    quite a tricky little problem, but thanks for all your help i got the correct answer now
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