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Homework Help: Fluids and such

  1. Jan 25, 2006 #1
    Well, i have been doing some fluids problems, and i came upon this. It has me stuck

    A T-shaped tube with a constriction is inserted in a vessel containing a liquid. What happens if air is blown through the tub from the left?

    A) The liquid level in the tube rises above the surface of the liquid surrounding the tube.

    B) The liquid level in the tube falls below the level of the surrounding liquid.

    C) The liquid level in the tube remains where it is.

    D) The air bubbles out at the bottom of the tube.

    E) Any of the above, depending on how hard the air flows.

    I figured E, but i cant figure out how to justifiy my reasoning.

    P.S. If you cant picture the problem, imagine a Barometer with a horizontal tube on top of the barometeric tube. (that didnt make any more sense than the original).
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    Since the air is moving over the opening of the vertical tube it will lower the air pressure in it, irrespective of the constriction in the horizontal section.
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