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Fluids angular momentum

  1. Sep 28, 2016 #1


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    I don't typically do this, but attached is a figure with a problem statement. This is not homework because I have already solved it! My question is a subtle one.
    Please see the attachments, one is the question and the other is my solution.

    I know my solution is correct, but at the end of equation (2) I wrote ##n = e_x## where ##e_x## is the unit vector in the ##x## direction. At the time I am not sure why I wrote ##e_x## this way, because I now think it should be ##\cos \theta e_x + \sin \theta e_y##. Any help here would be awesome in understanding why what I had was correct.

    Thanks so much.

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    I am not going to try to follow your intricate algebra, but I will suggest an easier way. Take moments about the sprinkler's axis and apply conservation of angular momentum. What is the tangential velocity of the jet in the ground frame?
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    Tangential velocity is ##-r \omega + Q \cos \theta / 3 A##.

    I think I know how to solve the problem assuming velocity out of the sprinkler pipe is constant (or rather averaged), but I want to make sure I can do it both ways (the way you mention above and using integrals).

    Thanks for the reply
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    Never mind, I figured it out. For others, in case they want to know, I'll attach the solution.

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