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Homework Help: Fluids Buoyancy

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    A 1-kg beaker containing 2 kg of oil(density = 916 kg/m^3) rests on a scale. A 2kg block of iron is suspended from a spring scale and completely submerged in the oil. Find the equilibruim readings of both scales.

    For the bottom scale, I can find the weight, 29.4 N of the beaker and oil, but I'm not sure how to calculate how much weight the iron block contributes. I know buoyancy force = p*V*g but how would affect the weight on the scale?
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    HINT: If the liquid pushes up (buoyant force) on the iron what is the reaction force acting on the liquid?
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    any more help? I am working with my daughter trying to solve this.
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    So one more cry for help. How do I calculate the reading on the lower and upper scale given what I know in the problem stated above?

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