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Homework Help: Fluids Momentum Balance

  1. Feb 2, 2015 #1
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    I did a mass balance to plug into the momentum balance, but I am not getting the final equation correct.
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    Sorry, there was no document attached to your post. :(
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    The figure below illustrates the flow pattern on a sieve tray operating at a high liquid flow rate with a gas that is negligibly absorbed in the liquid. The liquid flows from left to right across the tray. the region AB is where the velocity of the clear liquid is uL and the density is pL. The perforations I the sieve part of the tray) begin at point B, and BC is the froth zone with velocity uF and density pF. Show that the liquid depths in the two regions are related by (hF/hL)^3*(pF/pL)-hF/hL(1+(2uL^2/ghL))+2(uL^2)pL/ghFpF=0

    What is the value hF when hL= 0.2 ft, uL= 0.5 ft/s, pF/pL= 0.5

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    Please tell us what is happening physically, as you assess it. Please also show us what you did to capture this physical assessment in terms of equations.

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