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Homework Help: Fluids, Please Help me!

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    The L-shaped tank shown in Figure 14-33 is filled with water and is open at the top.


    (a) If d = 5.0 m, what is the force on face A due to the water?
    N (up)
    (b) What is the force on face B due to the water?
    N (right)

    The Force of water on the face A
    FA = PA*AA
    = rwg hA* AA
    = rwg ( 2d ) * AA
    0r FA = rwg ( 2d ) * d2
    putting the values we get FA = 2.5*106 N
    The atmospheric force on the face A = FA= ( 1.013*105 )*( 52)
    = 2.5*106 N
    Therefore Net force FAnet = Fatmp + FA
    FAnet = 5*106 N

    b) Force on the face B due to the water alone = FB
    FB = PB*AB
    = rwg ( 5d /2) d2
    FB = 3.1*106 N
    Thus, net force on face B FBnet = Fatmp + FBnet
    FBnet = 5.6*106 N

    I have given the problem a try. Please confirm the answer
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    I'll leave this problem in Advanced Physics (Instead of Intro Physics) for now, because it appears to require an integration for (b).

    Premed -- why do I think you need to use integration for part (b)?
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