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Fluids question

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    An object weighing 315 N in air is immersed in water after being tied to a string connected to a balance. The scale now reads 260 N. Immersed in oil, the object weighs 275 N. Find the density of the object in kg/m3.

    I found the mass of the object to be 32.142857kg and the apparent mass when submerged to be 26.530611kg. This means the volume would be 5.612246, because the volume of the object is the volume of the displaced water, thus giving me the mass and volume. So, 32.142857/5.612246 is 5.73, yet the answer keeps coming up wrong. What am i doing wrong?
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    Would it surprise you to know that 32.142857- 26.530611= 6.612246, not 5.612246?
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    Yes, because my calculator's telling me otherwise :eek:
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    Huh?? I got 5.612246 with calculator and by hand. Maybe you pushed a worng button by mistake when you did it.
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