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Fluids trouble

  1. Sep 11, 2005 #1
    So I've got this velocity distribution for laminar flow between parallel plates.

    [tex]\frac{u}{u_{max}} = 1 - (\frac{2y}{h})^2[/tex]

    h is the distance between the plates with the origin placed midway between the plates. I'm assuming this is for water flowing at 15 deg C with [tex]u_{max} = 0.10 m/s[/tex] and [tex]h = 0.25 mm[/tex].

    I'm supposed to calculate the shear stress on the upper plate and give its direction. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate these into

    [tex]\tau_{yx} = \mu \frac{du}{dy}[/tex] at 15 deg C, [tex]\mu = 1.14*10^{-3} N*s/m^2[/tex] I also know the temperature has to be in Kelvin (288.15K in this case). Anyone willing to give me a push?
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    I've got it figured out. [tex]-1.82 N/m^2 = \tau_{yx}[/tex]
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    seems correct
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