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Fluids - Valve Question

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    Hi all,

    Need a bit of help with a problem. I have a 4 inch pipe (carrying water). On the end of this 4 inch pipe is a 2" orifice. Now flowing through this orifice is water at 50L/s at a head of 100m (790 GPM and 330 feet).

    Basically as you can imagine, there is a lot of energy behind this flow. Some of the issues behind this is the high energy flow and the spray of the release. It is impossible to walk past without getting wet.

    So I am looking for a type valve that will reduce the 'energy' of the water. I need to maintain the flow rate of 50L/s. Ideally I need the water to be released at a lower velocity but the same flow rate at the same head. What are my options? From what I understand, a pressure reducing valve will slow down the fluid but also reduce the flow.
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    Filip Larsen

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    If it only is the spray that you want to reduce then why not just deflect or diffuse it?
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    Adding a valve of any kind will reduce flow rate. It's just another restriction.

    The orifice is in the wrong location. Put it further upstream and have the 4" pipe continue down to the outlet, or add some additional pipe on the orifice outlet.
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    What are you using the water for?
    If you keep the same head and flow rate I think that you're stuck with the same velocity.
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