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FlukeView questions

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    Hi hum!

    This is to anyone with experience using FlukeView (the software package shipped with FLUKE 434 Power quality analyzer.

    My question is this, has anyone been able to succesfully copy the data from a wave form and paste it into excel? I just get an error when i try and copy data, saying "Can not creat csv File". I suppose it is possible that the write permissions require administrator privliges, but I doubt that is the case, perhaps a bug?

    I can not find any information on this problem via google.
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    Im fairly certain it is infact the full version as the unit is a rental and i doubt they'd bundle it with demo software.

    However since my last post I have found a workaround... their is an option to save and you can just choose CSV format as opposed to the proprietary format used by fluke view.

    So now I just need to make this stuff make sense...Im trying to figure out what each waveform is actually physically representing, and it just is not clearly layed out in the software package.

    all in all I am thoroughly unimpressed with this software.
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    I've had fairly good luck with LeCroy's "Scope Explorer" software. Maybe next time you're looking to rent an oscilloscope, consider trying out a LeCroy instead of the Fluke. We use them here in our R&D lab because of their deep memory with single-shot triggers. Very important when looking through packets for subtle comm issues.
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