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Fluorescent paint

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    What is general chemical structure of fluorescent paints (one’s that are invisible except when radiated with UV light).

    I’m especially interested in this because I would like to maybe paint something on walls of my room invisibly, but seen under UV lamp (cool, a ?:)). :biggrin:

    But I cant find (except on the net) that kind of colors in my stores (there are ones that are both visible under “normal” light and UV light, but I don’t want them).

    + I’m interested in chemistry, so I would like to know it’s structure.
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    First of all, let me discuss the term "fluorescent" in terms of physics and chemistry:

    If an ultraviolet (or X-rays, cathode rays, etc) radiation is absorbed and emitted as longer-wavelength-rays, this is called fluorescence.

    For a better knowledge, please refer to this resource.
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    Huh :uhh: , thank you for answering but, let me rephrase.

    I just want to know, what are fluorescent chromophores in structural sense used in fluorescent paints. By that I mean what functional element is usually used when you’re synthesizing fluorescent dye to give it characteristic known as fluorescence (and know you say something like: “it’s usually benzene ring that gives fluorescence to fluorescent dyes”).

    I know almost everything about florescence as physical phenomena.

    I hope that I was a little bit clearer now (this is as much as I can be, when speaking in English).
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    :) I haven’t noticed link in your reply till know, that’s helpful.
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