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Flux of Solar wind

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    can anyone give me the flux of solar wind reaching earth...the number of electrons/protons /cm^2/sec reaching earth from Sun...i searched many sites but couldnt get the value...
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    A quick answer for the moment.



    Some background


    I think NASA/Goddard is the primary agency for collecting data on solar radiation. They do a lot of research into the effect of radiation on systems and personnel.

    It looks like the local density is about 10 particles/cc. Electrons and protons (alphas) are electrically neutral on a macroscopic scale. The coulomb forces simply enforce electrical neutrality.

    See also -

    http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ace/MAG_SWEPAM_24h.html [Broken]
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    Thank you Astronuc...these are important sites to study solar wind...
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