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I Fly fishing and Throwing yarn

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    I am new, thanks in advance for the help. I have had some electrical engineering in the past, but mechanics were never my strong suit. I remember some calc and physics, but I am rusty.
    I am a fly fisher, and I am studying fly casting to better my understanding of designing my own tapered leaders.
    my question is, why can't you crack a piece of yarn like a bullwhip? I am trying to understand how the taper of the fly line to a thin, flexible element suddenly "looses" energy so the fly lands gently on the water after all the muscle of getting the fly line such a far distance out.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Google ' Fishing line dynamics '
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    Sorry I was away from the computer for a few days. thanks for the replies. the article by jeff kommers is an interesting one. googling the topic came up with a few things, but even among engineers/scientists who have studied the subject analytically, little is available for leader design but the guess-and-check method. I wish I knew more, to be able to at least narrow down design and expectations before having to load up a rod and test drive it.

    thanks to all.

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