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Fly Tying Macro Shots

  1. Jan 19, 2012 #1
    Just a few macro shots of some fishing flies I've tied.





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    Nice shots, and some pretty nice tying. Here, you'd have to be careful of the wire-wound flies on fly-fishing only waters, since it is illegal to add weight to a fly to make it sink. You're expected to use sinking line and conventionally-tied flies (hair, feathers, yarn, etc). Anything added to a fly to put it down faster is a no-no. You are certainly allowed to use tinsel to wrap the bodies, but metal strips or wires will get you a fine.
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    So what do you normally rib flies with?

    I suppose you are restricted to oval or twist as it wouldn't add weight. Although I don't see much logic behind that rule - it's as bad if not worse as the dry fly only rule on English chalkstreams.
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    I rib flies with tinsel. Tinsel has been around forever - aluminized and anodized (I believe) mylar foil. I started tying flies about 50 years ago, and it was a common material back then. Of course, back then you could buy capes of game-cock and wing-feathers of condors, too. Both illegal now.
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    Jungle cock is illegal per se but there's lots of it floating about over here if you know where to look - Ebay cough, cough.

    Here's a few more flies - cba posting the pics I've just linked posts on other forums.


    http://www.flyforums.co.uk/1166337-post1.html - all those patterns are killer for sedge especially in the evening as the light fades.
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    What is the coin in the first pic? I just want to read what's written on it.
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    I still have some jungle cock necks from the old days. BTW, you can still get these legally (e.g. http://www.edgeangling.com/Jungle-Cock-Cape-Super.html), but they'll come from breeders that operate with permits and you'll pay $160-250, depending on grade.

    Weighted flies are legal in many states. The regulations for NY state "Use of hooks with added weight is prohibited, except that artificial flies with no more than one-eighth ounce of added weight may be used. For the purposes of this regulation, the method by which weight is added to a hook does not affect classification as an “artificial fly” provided the conditions of the definition of an “artificial fly” (page 12) are otherwise met."

    And, in Maine, it reads "LEAD SINKERS: It is unlawful to sell or offer for sale a lead sinker for fishing that weighs 1/2 ounce or less. This does not include artificial lures, weighted line or lines, or jig heads. (12663-A)"

    And, Vermont, it reads "It is illegal to sell, offer for sale or use a lead sinker in Vermont. “Sinker” means any device which weighs one-half ounce or less and is attached to a fishing line for the purpose of sinking the line, and does not include other lead fishing-related items such as weighted fly line, lead-core fishing line, downrigger cannonballs, weighted flies, lures, spoons, or jig heads."
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    Its a Tunisian 100 Millime coin.

    Here's a picture of the two sides of the coin.

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    'Tunisian central bank' is what's written on the other side, the beautiful calligraphy made me thought it's a name of a scholar or something. Nice coin anyway.
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    Really interesting visually, nice shots!
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    Why are the dates the wrong way round ie. 1997 - 1418 instead of 1418 - 1997?
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    It refers to the Hijri Qamari (moon) calendar along with the commonly Solar calendar. And if you mean why it starts with 1997 instead of 1418 (which I don't see the difference) then I guess it's not wrong. The Arabic language is read from right to left.
  15. Aug 4, 2012 #14
    I managed to get some more nice shots but I'll need to do a wee bit of cropping and stuff to them to make them a bit more like the top ones:






    I really would love a DSLR and macro lens as my digital camera isn't that great, for example to get those 5 shots I had to take about 25 - 30 shots as you can't really preview the images well and the white balance is terribly sensitive.
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