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Well, I didn't know where to post this...but it's here now:)

I removed a flyback from my colour monitor and after removing it I succeeded in breaking what seems to be (or closely connected to) the ferrite core. It is a metallic (I think, it is cold to the touch) piece, black on mine, in the shape of a U with a metal clamp holding it tight, it is on the outside of the flyback, my question is, did I break the flyback? or just a piece that wasn't necessary.

I put the CRT HV connector in one hole on the monitor plug in and one end of a neon-light tester in the other hole, and then put the other end of the tester on the one lead of the flyback, now I got a light to light up, as if it was good. The tester has 3 lights and one top "thing" (I say thing because I'm not exactly sure what it is) and only the bottom light comes on, the same as if I plugged it into a wall plug.

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Sounds like a screw up to me
you can check this link for information;

I will tell you what might work; Don't put glue on the broken areas, but press them together tightly and find a clever way to glue it on the sides.
PS I'm a real whiz with adhesive repairs and you can PM me if you need more detail.
Best of luck to you.