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Aerospace Flying By Sound (Sound Board)

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    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to create a hover board by using sound. i have a vague idea on how it would work but would it be feasable or just a waste of time and effort or even if there are some out there already.

    It would work by using some speakers and a skateboard. with no wheels of courseand just a low sound with bass.

    thanks very much would appreciate some replys
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    No, it would not work. Sorry.
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    Sound is a pressure wave, which means that air doesn't have much of a net motion. The same air just vibrates back and forth. If you got the board to vibrate so hard that it only made brief contact with the ground with each oscilation, it might have extremely low friction, and move like a hovercraft. It would almost cetainly shatter the bones in your ankles, though.
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