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Flying Sheep

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    Hi! how's everything going? i just made a small program which gives you something to do on the computer when you're board (or waiting for something to finish).
    The program put's an animated sheep on your desktop that you can catch with the mouse and throw around to make it bounce of the sides of the screen. when you turn it on you get an icon in the tray that lets you exit, freeze....
    here it is:
    you need the .net framework to use it. so if you try to turn it on and get an error you can get .net here:
    What do you think?
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    It's pretty cool, kinda like a screen saver on wheels. It would be much cooler, though, if you could throw more than just a sheep (i.e. a ball of some sort, President Bush, etc.)
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    I havent tried it yet, becuase I cant install .net framework in the school's computer (strange they dont have it). Try making some different versions. Like mayb some with penguins and kittens :) I will also be checking out your Physic3D engine.

    Edit: cant find the download for physics 2d and 3d.
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    Izzhov: you can change the picture to anything you want by changing the "Sheep1", Sheep2" and "Sheep3" picture files in the "sheeps" folder to other pictures.

    ranger: the Physics3D engine isn't quite ready for it's first release - mostly cause of the junky interface which i havn't made user friendly yet and some small bugs. but here's a small movie of it that can give you an idea of how it looks:
    brick wall
    that movie is 2 months old though, now it runs significantly faster.
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