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Flying weight change

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    A man in a plane flying due east above the equator at 600mph weighs 200 pounds. How much heavier will he weigh, if the plane turns around and flies due west?
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    wild guess
    ::approx 203 pounds::

    -- AI
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    slightly different...

    Considering g=9.81m/s² (sea level), H_plane=10km, and Earth_radius=6377km
    ::: 201.6 pounds :::
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    I get the same answer as Rogerio. The question asked how much heavier the man weighs, and the answer I got is
    :: 1.595 pounds ::

    I used Earth radius = 6378.137 km, plane height = 38,920.6 ft (this gives a flight radius of 6,390,000 metres)

    I used a sidereal day of 86,164.1 seconds, and this results in a centripetal acceleration of 0.084356 m/s/s when flying east, and 0.006119 m/s/s when flying west.
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    :eek: I never considered I'd weigh more if I traveled west! There goes my plan of moving west continuously to synchronize my sleep schedule with normal daylight hours. I guess I'll just have to travel really far east :biggrin:

    (No, this is not at all a serious response; I may be a biologist, but they did make me take some basic physics classes).
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    I've always wondered something. I know Jupiter is quite a bit bigger than earth, but has a much shorter day. How much would you weigh on Jupiter taking into account this?
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