Flywheel energy storage

  1. hey everyone. Merry Christmas.

    I am going to design a mechanical system, flywheel energy storage.
    The general idea is 'collect all the tidy rotational movement and release the power once reach certain torque level.
    This is quite similar to Self-retracting tape measurer or scroll spring toy car

    Does anyone have any experience about this or idea ?

    It is quite similar to another topic in here, regenerate braking efficiency .
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  3. Can you give us a bit more to go on? What are you using it for? What's your budget? What materials do you have access to? Is this a personal project or something more business-related?
  4. this is my personal project, but I would like to use it as business purpose if it is going to work.
    I knew this technology have been develop in F1 and even commercial.

    But I want to design just a feasible device to collect the small rotational movement and use it in once.
    it is quite interesting for me.
    Not reli budget concern right now.
    material is related to cost. as long as this is a suitable material.
  5. russ_watters

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    What small rotational movement are you trying to collect? What are you going to use it for?
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