Flywheel energy

  1. Our air motor has 2 cylinders and is a low rpm device. It therefore
    needs a flywheel to store enough torque to get the crankshaft
    past the dead spots at 10 degrees before and after top dead center and
    10 degrees before and after bottom dead center.

    My question is how to calculate the torque available in a solid cylindrical
    flywheel in terms of its diameter, length, density, and RPM.
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    It depends on the design of the flywheel, basically mass at the outer rim where it is going faster has more effect.
    There are formula for simple solid disks, cyclinders etc. I can't get the formula writer to work but this link is here
  4. Thanks, that did it

    Thanks - you got me off the dime and I have my answer - is amazing what
    the squared term does to flywheel energy. We has a 60 pound flywheel
    on the cankshaft and it wasn't getting the job done. A 40 pound flywheel
    rotating at 20 revs/second gave us more torque than we need.
    Thanks again
    Ken Hoopes
    Chief Engineer HUE corp
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    It is! There are proposals to use flywheels as alternatives to diesel generators for backup power - a few tons of flywheel at 10,000rpm is a lot of energy!
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