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Flywheel on power screw

  1. Oct 10, 2007 #1

    I am trying to calculate the angular acceleration of a flywheel rotating about a power screw.

    I have a power screw with a certain lead. The mass and dimensions of the flywheel are given. Once I release the wheel on the screw it will, if the lead is large enough, start to turn. I want to know the acceleration of the flywheel.
    I need to know what the equations are and how I calculate the torque for the friction and the torque caused by the gravitational force (vertical acceleration).

    M = W*r * tan(phi-rho), is the moment caused by the screw friction
    Mtot = I*alpha, is the moment eq. from which I can get the angular acceleration Alpha.
    Mtot = ???? Not only moment caused by the screw? I need a driving moment too?

    I hope you can understand my bl*ody english, Im tired and have not yet had anyting to eat. Enjoy...
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