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Medical Foam formation on a wound

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    So I wasn't sure if this is the most appropriate place, but recently I got cut on my palm. So its been about two days, for which time I have been using a bandage to conceal the cut. (Note, the cut isn't large, surface area ≈ 1 square cm (probably slight less)
    However, i noticed the formation of this foam-looking substance on the wound region, and did a little research. I'm not entirely sure but it seems it may be biofilm, as depicted in the following link:
    http://www.vescompression.com/blog/chronic-wounds-when-to-seek-care/ [Broken]

    But then I thought, since I normally apply face wash in the morning, which contains sodium hydroxide and salicylic acid (among many other chemicals), it may of caused the foam to form.
    I read the article
    which indicates that hydrogen peroxide foams when you put it on a cut. So maybe this is true for other chemicals?

    Overall, I'm really just not sure what to do. Should I just wait, and see if it heals or should I see a doctor within the next couple of days.

    Note, this is my first cut in quite some time (but I don't remember this ever happening).
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    Since we have no idea what could be wrong, all we can say is to go to the doctor and have it properly checked.
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